HyunJu Yoo



Hello, I am HyunJu Yoo and a graduate student at University at Albany.

My major interest in Education is for Language Assessment and Measurement.

In the long term, I would like conduct the research how to improve the Language assessment system for English Language Learners.

My graduate work has focused on:

  • English Language
  • Assessment and Measurement
  • Educational Theory and Practice for ELLs

It is good to e-meet you all!

HyunJu Yoo- Portfolio

Lesson Plan ♦ Translation as a Method of Language Teaching

Work History

After graduating from college, I have worked at a localization company as a Linguist and Project Manager for 4 years.
I was responsible to control the project quality, manage the human resources, and provide instructions to freelancers and oversee customers.
And I found myself really enjoying giving instructions and guidelines, so that I decided to change my work field from Business to Education.

Career Goals

In the future I hope to be an educational researcher in Language Assessment.
In particular, I would like to focus my studies on Scoring and Assessment system in the U.S.