How can teachers enhance student understanding?


Lesson Four: Enhancing Student Understanding

No lesson would be complete without a discussion on the importance of the proper questions to enhance student understanding. Of course, the best way to discern this is to consider Benjamin Bloom's system for classifying questions. It is not just the types of questions that are of vital importance but the way in which the classroom and lesson develop as a community. Questions, no matter how wonderful and well planned, cannot be appreciated or fully explored without the proper lesson. It is the carefully guided work done by the students and the sense of classroom community where students can express their opinions without fear of being dismissed or rejected. The environment that the teacher creates and the preparation that the teacher put in that allows for the students to get the most out of the lesson and create knowledge from the documents given.

Try it yourself!

1. Prepare questions that attempt to allow classroom dialogue and aid in the examination of the documents. Broader summary questions make it possible for the students to develop their ideas at the close on an activity.

2. A summary or concluding question make it possible for the class to integrate what they have learned from this lesson and previous lessons.

3. Develop some of your own summary questions that would close a lesson of your own? What techniques do you implement to create a safe learning environment?