How are Interactive Student Notebooks Used in the Classroom?



In the previous unit, you acquired a general understanding of Interactive Student Notebooks and the driving principles behind their design. This knowledge will not be sufficient to implement the strategy in your own classroom and understand why ISNs are so effective for student learning. Thus, this unit is intended to give you the tools and knowledge necessary for you to design and implement an ISN in your own classroom - no matter what content area you teach.

The unit is divided into three lessons to help facilitate understanding and meet component learning objectives in your journey to understanding ISNs and acquiring the ability to use them in your class. Follow the sequence of the lessons below to build on prior learning and develop your own skills.


Specific learning objectives for each lesson can be found at the beginning of that specific lesson. In general, by completing this unit, you will be able to:

  • Explain and choose effective setup procedures for ISNs
  • Identify and generate effective input and output activities
  • Explain and choose methods of assessment for ISNs


There will be a discussion activity for each lesson contained in this unit. Remember to use the Understanding and Integrating ISNs Discussion Space to post your discussion prompts.

Should you have a question about any of the material throughout the lessons, please return to this page and post your question on the discussions tab at the top of this page. Your classmates or I will be sure to answer your question.


Each lesson will require you to complete a task asking you to apply the knowledge you learned in the lesson to your own teaching practice. In addition to this, I urge you to consider the following questions to make the information more meaningful to your own practice. This is not a formal assignment, but a personal learning commitment.

  • Reflecting.jpgReflect. How can this benefit students in my classroom?
  • Reflecting.jpgReflect. How can I adapt these activities for my own use?


Lesson 1: Setting up the ISN

Lesson 2: Creating and Utilizing Input and Output Activities

Lesson 3: Assessing the ISN


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