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How does homework affect students?

Performance Objectives

-Learners will review case studies.

-Learners will reflect on and assess the reading passages through a written activity.

-Learners will conduct their own case study on a subject to collect qualitative evidence on the effects on homework.

Unit Tasks

Task One: Visit the following links for reading passages and fact sheets:

Case Studies:




Fact Sheet


Task Two: Watch the TED Talk by Sir Ken Robinson called, " Changing Education Paradigms." Think about what Sir Ken Robinson says about "academic ability" and whether or not our educational system, which includes a heavy homework workload, is alienating our students from being educated because it requires them to be academically inclined above all else. Consider whether or not you agree with his arguments, and reflect on why or why not you agree. http://www.ted.com/talks/ken_robinson_changing_education_paradigms

Task Three: Conduct a case study on a student in grades K-12. Interview the student at least twice a week for 3 weeks. Consider what questions you would like to ask based on the research and case studies you have read thus far. Make observations of the student's attitude, mood, and report of physical wellness. Record your observations and the student's narratives in a well thought-out report. Draw conclusions about the qualitative effects of homework on students grades K-12 from the case studies, fact sheet, and your case study in a written reflection at the end of your case study report.


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