Health Literacy for Social Work Professionals


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Welcome to my mini-course Health Literacy for Social Work Professionals. This course aims to help social work professionals to have a better understanding of health literacy, underlying issues and provide strategies for working with clients. Topics in this course cover health literacy, the societal impact of health literacy, factors contributing to low literacy, and strategies for health literacy.

The goal of this mini-course is to gain an understanding of health literacy and underlying factors, and develop tools to enhance health literacy in their practice with clients.

Key questions that the course will address:

1. What is Health Literacy and how does it impact society?

2. What are the main causes of Health Literacy?

3. How do we as social workers address it?

Healthsym.jpgHow the Course Works

Course lessons are divided into four units: getting started, health literacy and its societal impact, key factors of health literacy and health literacy strategies for empowering clients. The following components will generally be included in each unit:

  • Case Study: for practical application of knowledge and course material
  • Introduction: with an overview of the topic and a list of tasks to be completed in the unit
  • Engage: interact with materials through readings, viewing videos and websites and classmates through discussions
  • Apply: for practical application of evidenced-based strategies through various activities and tool development
  • Reflect: on your learning experience, what you have learned, what additional information you would like to learn and how you may utilize the knowledge in practice

Click below to start the course. Begin with Unit 1 and proceed through each unit.

Healthsym.jpgUnit 1: Getting Started

Healthsym.jpgUnit 2: What is Health Literacy and its Societal Impact?

Healthsym.jpgUnit 3: Key Factors of Health Literacy

Healthsym.jpgUnit 4: Health Literacy Strategies for Empowering Clients