Harnessing the Power of Technology in the Science Classroom


This mini course was created by Mike Zelensky for Systematic Design of Instruction, Fall 2012. Click for the portfolio related to this mini couse.

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Welcome to the mini course. Here you will be able to learn about how to effectively use many technologies to help run a science classroom.

A note to the learner: I have created this course with you in mind. I know you want to complete this course to learn. Therefore, I have decided to make this a relaxed experience. There is no set number of anything you must do. I trust you will do what you have to in order to learn. I also included a few jokes to keep things lively. Enjoy!

Unit 1

  • What can new technologies do for our classroom?
  • Why do students have a right to being exposed to technology?
  • What benefit does technology hold for science classrooms?

Unit 2

  • Learn how to properly implement technology.
  • Learn to asses the use of technology.

Unit 3

  • Actually use some new technology.
  • Come up with technology you want to use in your classroom.


Let's see what you learned.