Google Sites and Project Assessment


For Project Based Learning where the Project is the driving force behind an entire unit rather than an end assessment the way you assess the overall growth of your students should demonstrate more understanding than a multiple choice test. Your students are going to be proud of all they have accomplished and will likely wish to show their classmates and teachers their success. One of the best ways to demonstrate this is by creating a Google Website.

Teachers have different styles, but for the first time you implement a Project Based Learning unit it is important that you administer the rubric you will be using for all benchmarks and final assessment pieces earlier on. Many schools have district wide or grade level rubrics so we will not be reviewing that, however it is important the students have clear objectives going into each lesson and then again for the final assessment.


Linked below is a final Google site that was created for the Toys R Us project shown earlier in this course. This is a good example of a final site. The students lost credit though for not including their research page.

Why Google sites over google slides? Google Sites allows for many opportunities view able from the link below. Also it allows for more interaction among other students. When we have classroom presentations in many circumstances students are not always the most respectful audience, simply because they are bored. Websites for all the students to view is much more interactive and less intimidating. Unless the objective includes speaking publicly Google Sites is recommended.


For the final assessment on your Google Doc you are to create a rubric for your Google Site. Your rubric should include: all benchmarks as tabs i.e. research completed and or concept maps, your students end product, and a reflective piece demonstrating what they feel they have learned from this project. When you have created your rubric you may share your Google doc with all you have learned from this course to to be graded.