Google Docs and Collaboration


Project Based Learning is a learning method that requires more than one mind. Students work together to break down misconceptions and to develop solutions to the overall problem assigned. Being this is the case it is important tat partners or groups are able to keep their work and notes organized and easily able to be checked at anytime. Google applications and specifically Google docs is a great tool that can help accomplish this.

Monitoring students work also becomes drastically easier as students can share their work with you as well. This way you no longer have to check in with students during the class you will have access to their thought process and findings during every step. If students are allowed phones or tablets they can even take their work out of the classroom and to where their research may take them, all still while recording information. With the help of teachers creating clear worksheets, diagrams, and helpful tables students can be guided through the project while maintaining organization.


The first thing in dealing with partners is there is usually an argument about who has done more work and who deserves what grade. As educators we know this is a tricky issue but as it is hard to quantify in terms of the rubric you will create. Having the students fill out a partner contract that demonstrates their expectations of their partner and of themselves. This should be completed on a google doc and shared to you in case there is an issues. Click the link below to view an example.

Also creating all worksheets on a google doc will allow for the same accessibility and collaboration benefits. Research worksheets can help to guide students to potential solutions to their answers.


On the same Google Doc as the hook letter and the concept map,create a meaningful and usable guided research worksheet that can assist your students during the problem solving process. You should use your problem from your hook so that you are creating a project as we go along.