Formative Assessment Strategies


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  • In this unit on formative assessment, educators will learn the importance of incorporating formative assessment into their instruction.
  • Educators will explore different formative assessment strategies and discover how to create formative assessments.
  • Educators will have the opportunity to implement these strategies into lessons of their own, reflect and discuss the experience with their peers.
  • In the first lesson, educators will learn about assessment, the difference between summative and formative assessment, and complete a fun activity to check for their own understanding.
  • In the second lesson, educators will take a closer look at formative assessment and different formative assessment strategies.
  • In the third and final lesson, educators will have the opportunity to apply what they have learned to their own classrooms and lessons. They will take an existing lesson and integrate formative assessment into it. After the lesson has been taught, they will be able to use the discussion area to post their own reflection of the experience and read those of others.

Lesson 1

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This lesson will discuss what assessment is, why we use it and why it is important to learning. You will also learn what the difference between formative and summative assessment is.

Lesson 2

Here is where we dig deeper into formative assessment. we will explore why we use it, things you should know about it and how it is used. This lesson is complete with examples of formative assessment that can incorporated into lessons of your own.

Lesson 3

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In this lesson you are going to learn by doing. When you get to the lesson, there will be directions. Enjoy!!!


I hope that this experience has been found to be beneficial. At this time, I would like you to proceed to the conclusion where you can use the discussion tab to share and reflect on your experiences.