Tackling Flossright


After this lesson you will be able to:

  • identify and recommend appropriate floss for individual needs
  • demonstrate a selection of floss found in local stores
  • explain the flossing technique
  • effectively remove plaque through proper flossing

                                                             Viewing & Reading Assignments

Follow the link to read about the proper flossing technique:


View the following video to learn how the proper flossing technique:



Share the first time you learned how to floss and when you began to floss daily. What type of floss do you use? Post in the discussion posting at the start of this lesson and reply to 2-3 peer discussion postings.


1. Read about proper flossing technique

2. View the Flossing video and reflect on your personal flossing routine

3. Share your flossing experience and routine in the class discussion


  • What kind?
Floss Threaders.jpg

center 200 px

Floss Piks.jpg
  • Select the floss that can easily fit between your teeth without shredding {waxed, unwaxed, ribbon, flavored}
  • Floss piks are alternative to string type floss
  • Floss threaders are used to thread floss underneath permanently placed bridgework (tooth replacement)

  • How to?

Floss Fingers.jpg

  • Pull 12-18' piece of floss
  • wrap each end around middle fingers (not too tight)
  • ease floss between each tooth (avoid popping floss into sensitive gingiva or gum)
  • rub floss to remove plaque from surfaces between teeth
  • let go of one end and draw through
  • repeat between each tooth

Floss length.jpg

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