Evaluating Websites Course Introduction



Have you ever been doing research, found a webpage that seemed to have all the answers and then found another one that had contradicting information? You seem to stare at the screen and not know which to believe.

Have you ever searched a keyword in a search engine and found a site that seemed relevant for what you are looking for, but the webpage is covered in advertisements?

If you have answered yes to either of the above scenarios, then this mini-course is for you.

The internet is a necessary tool for research now. Students and teachers are forced to use the internet for their daily routines. It is vital that internet users learn to distinguish bias or unreliable websites from those that are valuable resources. Most users think they can pinpoint a website immediately by the look of the site or the url. The following course will help dig a little deeper than the common knowledge computer users have and teach the learner tools that will allow them to look beyond the obvious.

In This Course You Will Learn

  • To evaluate websites
  • Why it is important to evaluate websites

Unit 1, Learning Why We Evaluate Websites

Unit 2, Identifying Hoax Websites

Unit 3, Looking at Valuable Websites