Encouraging Online Learners to be Self-Regulated


Joelle Fingerhut


Welcome to the online mini-course entitled "Encouraging Online Learners to be Self-Regulated"! This course is geared towards teachers who are new to online teaching and want to ensure that their students can self-regulate. Learning about self-regulation can help you ensure that your students possess certain pre-requisite skills to succeed in your course. This course will help you define self-regulation and better understand why self-regulation matters. You will ultimately learn different activities, tools, and techniques that encourage self-regulated learning in an online environment. Thanks for stopping by!

Module 1: What is Self-Regulation?

Unit 1: Defining Self-Regulation

Before we can use strategies to encourage self-regulation, we first need to properly define self-regulation. How can we care about something without knowing what it really means? How can we encourage it if it has not been properly defined? Before discussing self-regulation, we first need to define what it looks like.

Unit 2: Why Self-Regulation Matters

Now that we know how to define self-regulation, it is important for us to understand the importance of being self-regulated. What happens if someone does not have the skills to self-regulate? How does this impact his/her ability to learn?

Module 2: What Activities Promote Self-Regulation?

Unit 1: Identifying Activities that Promote Self-Regulation

Now that we know what self-regulation is, how do we know if an activity will promote self-regulation? How can we identify self-regulation techniques, and which ones will be useful for an online environment?

Unit 2: Creating Activities that Promote Self-Regulation

Now that we know what activities that promote self-regulation look like, how can we create some activities ourselves? This module is a chance for you to get creative and begin to brainstorm self-regulation strategies that will be especially useful in an online environment.