Emily Scampini: Flipped Classroom Learning


Flipped Classroom Learning

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Welcome to this mini-course on flipped classroom learning. When is the last time you said to yourself, "I wish I had time to do this activity in class- the kids would love it! If only I had more time..." Let me guess...yesterday? Or maybe even today? I am sure it was not too long ago. This mini-course offers you the opportunity to learn about a new model for classroom learning that provides more interactive, engaging classroom time. This new innovative, model is called flipped classroom learning.

Course Goals

  1. Define the concept of a flipped classroom
  2. Identify the benefits of incorporating flipped classroom learning, both for the student and teacher
  3. Design and create your own flipped classroom video using the program Screencast-o-matic
  4. Design an interactive, follow-up activity for your flipped video
  5. Communicate effectively with your peers regarding your thoughts and opinions about flipped classroom learning

To begin the course, start with Unit One and proceed all the way through to the end of Unit Three:

Pencilbullet.gifUnit One: The Benefits of Flipped Classroom Learning for both the Student and Teacher

Pencilbullet.gifUnit Two: How to Create Your Own Flipped Video

Pencilbullet.gifUnit Three: How to Make the Most of Your "Flipped" In-Class Instruction Time