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Diane's inquiry

As research has shown several areas that are strongly linked to development of emergent literacy (phonemic awareness, stroybook reading, and conversation/vocabulary development), I thought I would provide instruction on cognitive apprenticeship as a model that could be utilized in each of those areas, then prepare a unit on each of those areas to show how cognitive apprenticeship could be utilized to support important areas of emergent literacy. I thought I might even try to utilize cognitive apprenticeship as a method of teaching the mini course units.

I was thinking the mini course would would have four or five units:

  • Cognitive apprenticeship
  • Phonemic awareness (what it is and one approach to supporting its

development that can be done through cognitive apprenticeship)

  • Vocabulary development and oral language/conversational (another approach

to supporting its development that can be done using cognitive apprenticeship)

  • Story book reading (why it is important and modeling how to use it to

develop emergent literacy using cognitive apprenticeship)

I was thinking I would give them one strategy in each of these areas that could be utilized as a way of demonstrating the use cognitive apprenticeship to support several main areas shown to be important for emergent literacy.

I suppose I choose one of the areas and do more development of just one topic instead of one piece of each area as a more comprehensive set of supports. I suppose I could focus on the storytelling model or the phonemic awareness - provide background/what it is/how to promote it, etc.... rather than a set of skills to target emergent literacy support in general it jwould target phonemic support specifically.

Is my first idea narrow enough in this sense or would you prefer I target storybook reading or phonemic awareness specifically? Yes focusing on one area would be a good idea, so that you can make sure your course will have enough depth. You may figure out which area should be the main focus through your needs assessment.

I'm glad you got back to me because I was just about to print a original survey I developed last night to assess the learner, but I think it will have to be set up differently if I change the intended course. Does the learner assessment have to be completed by Saturday?

Jianwei's reply

No, as it is an optional assignment. You can control your pace of it.

Your questionnaire looks really great. Please see my comments in it.

Would you want to share your thoughts and questions in the wiki space, in the discussion page of your portfolio page?