Donna Joyner - Case Studies in Neurology



This mini course activity is offered to help student apply what they're learning in the first and second year of medical school in Neurology into a real world context. This involves looking at case studies of common neurological illnesses using small group collaboration. Case studies provide an authentic experience for medical students by introducing them to the practice of medicine and the process of diagnosing illnesses. By become acquainted with these illnesses at the same time you are learning the physiology, you will gain a better understanding of Neurology.

Course Description

You will work in groups of four to gather data, research resources, and create hypotheses and differential diagnoses. The course will be presented in Blackboard and feature a discussion thread, a chat space and an "ask the expert" section which will allow consultation with a clinical "colleague" on the case. There will also be an areas to communicate with the instructor,either through a whole class discussion thread or private e-mail. Certain assignments will require collaboration to be featured in a provided wiki space. The final project will be a case study featuring the diagnosis based on a case study, written in the form of a SOAP note.

This course spans 6 weeks. Unit 1 will run for 3 weeks and Units 2-4 will each last a week. The weeks run from Monday to Sunday. For the discussions, you must submit your initial post by the Wednesday of the week and post at lease once to each member of your group by the Friday of that week. Also you must respond to everyone that posts to your discussion.

Course Objectives

At the end of this course, you will:

  • Demonstrate your understanding of a medical case study to familiarize yourself with how they work and how they help you to practice diagnosing illness.
  • Generate a SOAP note by collaborating with your classmates using the case studies.
  • Demonstrate your ability to work on a cooperative team to navigate patient diagnoses through the activities of online discussions and the use of case studies to develop diagnoses using the SOAP note.
  • Relate clinical issues in Neurology to your existing knowledge of the Neurological system through an analysis of common neurological illnesses and their features by writing a 1-2 page, single spaced paper describing how you arrived at the diagnosis of the illness in your case study.

How You Will Be Evaluated

The purpose of this course is to begin to acquaint you with the process of diagnosing illness. This process includes gathering information, documenting it in an organized way and working with colleagues to form conclusions. There is no right answer in this module. You will not be graded according to accuracy of diagnosis. Rather, you will be graded on your data gathering skills, analytical processes and how well you collaborate with your peers. I am provided you with a rubric that will guide you toward successfully completing this module. Use it to gauge how to perform your activities.

Case Studies in Neuro Rubric.jpg

Course Units

Unit 1: Doing a Case Study - Week 1 and 2

Unit 2: Neurological Illnesses

Unit 3: Doing a Case Study

Unit 4: Review of the Case Studies