Data Driven Instruction



Welcome! With the current shifts in education, there seems to be confusion, disbelief, and frustration. Certainly, there is in data driven instruction. Teachers have been using data for years, but have they taken data to the next level? What are data? What data can help me? How can I use data to inform my instruction? How will I know my students are successful?

These are all questions that will lead the teacher through data analysis for students to be successful in the classroom.

Course Objective

Given templates, examples, and assessment data, generate a data analysis of a summative assessment in your own classroom by including at least 1 whole group, 1 small group, and 1 individual need.

Unit 1 - What is data driven instruction?


  • Given models and personal experiences, classify data driven instruction in the classroom.

Unit 2 - Charting the data


  • Given a results analysis template, demonstrate charting results and percentages.

Unit 3 - Data Analysis


  • Given an example results analysis template, large group, small group, and individual needs templates, demonstrates analysis of data to find strengths, weaknesses, and needs.

Summative Assessment

To assess if you understand data analysis in the classroom, you will be asked to generate a data analysis using some type of summative assessment in your own classroom. To be successful, you must include your results analysis template, at least 1 whole group, at least 1 small group, and at least 1 individual need.

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Please save your templates and work in pdf form. You will post your response on the message board under "Course Assessment." Response to at least 1 other person's post.

Extend Your Learning

For those whom have successfully completed this course and wish to dig a deeper hole into data analysis, there is one book that has been data coaches handbook. The book is titled Driven by Data by Bambrick-Santoyo.