Importance of using Ipad as alternate way of communication

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Title: Importance of using Ipad as alternate way of communication


Welcome. This course is here to provide teachers with an understanding of why we use iPads in the classroom for communication. Many students in special education classes are provided by their district with an iPad for communicating or another source of technology to help and teachers do not have a clear understanding of how to use it. The iPad is becoming a more common use of technology within the classroom. This course will help the teacher understand why using an iPad is important and ways to use the iPad for communication. The teacher will be able to identify a main communication application within the iPad and will also be able to program the basics within the application.
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Unit 1

Unit one will give a detailed reason for why an iPad is used for communication and what to look for when deciding on a communication application. By the end of this unit you should be able to:

  • identify what the purpose of an iPad is
  • identify what the definition of AAC devices.
  • know different applications and what they do.
  • know what to look for within an application.
  • complete a self assessment on the current unit.

Bluearrowbullet.gif UNIT 1- IPAD FOR COMMUNICATION

Unit 2

Unit two will give you an understanding of how the iPad is used for communication. This unit will allow you to compare and contrast different devices. By the end of this unit you should be able to :

  • List the pros and cons of using iPad
  • identify different communication devices after watching videos on each device
  • identify reason for using iPad for purpose of communication
  • understand the technological difference between the iPad and other communication devices
  • Identify definition of AAC devices
  • complete compare/contrast sheet on iPad vs other devices


Unit 3

Unit three will give you reasons why the iPad is the best for communication and comparing two applications within the iPad. By the end of this unit you should be able to:

  • identify the definition of both ProLoQuo2go and MyTalk after reading about each.
  • review the websites of each application (MyTalk and ProLoQuo2go) and identify which is better for communication
  • identify the visual differences of each after watching a video on each application
  • decide on their own, which application is better overall.
  • complete compare/contrast sheet on MyTalk and ProLoQuo2go
  • Complete assessment on the current unit


Unit 4

Unit four will give you basic instructions to create your ProLoQuo2go home page on your iPad. By the end of this unit you should be able to:

  • how to create simple pages to edit and create.
  • follow step by step instructions in creating a page
  • take an overall assessment quiz for your understanding on ProLoQuo2go

Bluearrowbullet.gif UNIT4- HOW DO I USE PROLOQUO2GO?


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