Dan Haber Mini Course: Social Emotional Learning in Real Academic Context


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Welcome to the start of your adventure through Social Emotional Learning in real academic contexts! Our focus in this course will be how to make SEL more engaging and meaningful for our elementary aged students. Throughout this mini-course, you will gain insight into how to adapt your classroom into an environment filled with open discussions about emotions and real life applications to help our students learn.

Overview and Purpose

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Needs Assessment

Instructional Problem: Typically, in an elementary school classroom, Social Emotional Learning is taught by itself. In past years other educators and I have dedicated about ten minutes of our days to read a story with a social emotional theme to our students, have a quick discussion, and move on. We always aim to make our lessons reach students’ prior knowledge and have real meaning in their life. Is the extent to our students’ social emotional learning a ten-minute read aloud? This is a good way to incorporate SEL into ELA, but what about our other subjects? I believe we should be developing these skills and having these conversations throughout the school day and in all of our lessons.

What is to be learned: Educators who take this mini course will learn the importance of extending the time of social emotional development past a discussion and into all aspects of our students’ educational day.

The Learners: The learners for my mini course are educators looking to further their knowledge and look at social emotional learning from a different point of view. Leaners should have basic technology skills and prior knowledge of teaching elementary aged children social emotional learning.

Performance Objectives

By the end of this mini lesson, learners will be able to identify and utilize at least one strategy to teach social emotional learning in each academic subject (math, social studies, science, and literacy).

Course Units

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This mini-course includes the following units. Click the title of a unit to go to its page.

Unit 1: SEL in English

In this unit we will discuss into the importance of social emotional learning in our students' lives through literature. You will be asked to watch videos, read an article, and participate in a check for understanding assessment.

Unit 2: SEL in Math

In this unit we will learn the importance of taking our students' SEL into account when writing word problems and teaching to a class of struggling students.

Unit 3: SEL in Social Studies

In this unit we will learn how to address and incorporate SEL into the Social Studies classroom. You will be asked to self reflect upon your own teaching practices.

Unit 4: SEL in Science

In this unit we will learn how to be advocates for our students and address their social emotional needs in the science classroom.