Choosing Your Media


For your project, you'll want to choose images, text, and video that help tell your story. Sometimes you'll want to show images that display exactly what you're talking about; other times images that tell parts of the story that aren't written or are symbolic, as well as images that juxtapose what you are saying. Once you have selected your media, you'll need to figure out the order of your media objects, as well as which images will correspond with each part of your spoken story. The best way to do this is with a Storyboard, as described in the first video you watched in this unit. There are many types of Storyboards; find one that works best for your class. We use Jason Ohler's model:

Storyboard Template

Here's a guide to managing your media in WeVideo: Click here

Task 1: Choose your media, upload all files to WeVideo and create a Storyboard. Submit a PDF copy of your Storyboard to

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