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ETAP 623 Fall 2012

Intent of Project

Flipping the Classroom

Needs Analysis for Flipping the Classroom


Secondary mathematics classrooms can sometimes be monotonous and boring. Direct instruction is usually the default teaching technique in order to ensure that the entire curriculum is covered and that the teacher can maintain the flow and direction of the classroom. With a push towards constructivism and student centered learning, educators need to find better ways to engage and encourage students to critically think. This course will discuss flipping the classroom, which is a satisfactory method to move the mathematics classroom (or any classroom) to an environment that is individualized, more student centered, and encourages problems solving and problem based learning.

What is to be learned:

Learners will become familiar with the teaching strategy of flipping the classroom. This will include instructional techniques, necessary technology, the teacher and student responsibilities, the pedagogical research, and data to show the effectiveness of this teaching style.

The Learners:

I would recommend that flipping the classroom be utilized by teachers of 9th grade or higher. This method has been used most effectively in secondary education and collegiate education.

Instructional Context:

Most, if not all, of the activities and instruction in the course will occur online. Some resources will include articles, videos, and individual activities. Learning will be based on the commitment of the individual.

Exploring the problem and solution:

Learners will have the opportunity to analyze the fundamentals of flipping the classroom. Aside from the instruction in the modules, learners are encouraged to reflect and implement the teaching strategy to encourage their own learning.


The main goal is for the learner to add a new teaching method to their arsenal. Once well versed in flipping the classroom, I hope the learner will be able to effectively flip their classroom and lead their students towards deeper understanding and engagement in their curriculum area.

Performance Objectives

  • Learners will be able to defend the effectiveness of flipping the classroom using pedagogical research and will show this knowledge on one of the sub-topics on the APPR (if necessary).
  • Learners will be able to identify and create appropriate at home lectures using affordable technology and have their lecture critiqued by their peers.
  • Learners will be able to successfully flip their own classroom and have an increase of student GPA of at least 10% (if possible).


  • Essential Prerequisities
  - The learner will desire to learn a new teaching style.
  - The learner will have a detailed knowledge of their content area. 
  - The learner will have a basic knowledge of technology.
  - The learner will effectively manage their classroom.

Curriculum Map

Flipping the Classroom Curriculum Map

Resources and References