Becca Maher: Gamification to Motivate and Engage students

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Author:Becca Maher

Gamification in the Classroom


This course will help instructors motivate and engage students through incorporating a "Gamified" classroom technique. Instructors will learn why Gamification is needed, how it can positively be implemented into any classroom setting, as well as how to give immediate and productive feedback. Instructors will practice and create different online learning platforms that they can immediately incorporate into their classroom setting.

Performance Objectives

General Outcomes: Participation in this course will...

  • Understand the need for gamification in the classroom in order to motivate and engage students, as well as increase student success and learning through immediate feedback.

Specific Outcomes: By the end of this course, participants will....

  • Learners will be able to define Gamification and understand the need in the classroom.
  • Learners will be able to understand the classroom management techniques involved in a gamified classroom.
  • Learners will explore possible online platforms used in Gamification.
  • Learners will be able to engage in self-assessment and reflection based on immediate feedback.

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Unit 1: Understanding Gamification and how it can be used to motivate and engage students.

Objectives: Participants will....

  • Define Gamification
  • Explain the "Why" of Gamification

Unit 2: Classroom Management. How to empower and challenge learners

Objectives: Participants will....

  • Learners will understand the classroom management techniques involved in a gamified classroom.

Unit 3: Understanding a multitude of online learning platforms that can be used to Gamify a classroom.

Objectives: Participants will....

  • Define and give examples of online-learning platforms used in a gamified classroom.

Unit 4: Self-assessing and self-reflecting on learning, based on immediate feedback.

Objectives: Participants will....

  • Self-assessment and self-reflection in the classroom.
  • Immediate Feedback through gamification.


Thank you to all who have participated in this course! I hope you are able to define and understand the need for gamification in the classroom, and understand the classroom management techniques of gamification. After participating in this course, you should feel confident in exploring new online learning/gaming platforms for classroom use, as well as how you can use the data collected from these games to assess student knowledge and give immediate feedback. I hope you have enjoyed this course and that you and your students can benefit from it!


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