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ETAP 623 Spring 2017 | Guided Reading


About Me

I work for a charter school in the Bronx. I am currently a Second Grade Lead Teacher and Team Leader. I have been teaching since 2002. I taught preschool for 3 years then focused on K-2 after that. I am a mom to two boys aged 11 and 3. I enjoy running obstacle course races specifically Spartan races. Baking yummy goods relaxes me.

My Topic/Purpose

'Guided Reading'

Teachers create a classroom environment wherein students are engaged. Reading engagement can be shown in different ways. Students engaged in reading reads for learning and to understand. This course will give different tools, strategies and lessons that teachers can use to have a successful guided reading lesson.

At the end of this course, participants will answer or reflect on the following questions:

1. What is guided reading?

2. What are different strategies that I can use to implement a successful guided reading?

3. How important are knowing guided reading levels?

4. How can I develop lesson plans that will improve reading for understanding?

Needs Assessment

Instructional Problem

Guided Reading is done by almost all teachers specially in the lower levels. Generally, guided reading is a small group instruction that has readers with the same reading level. They are also grouped according to reading skills so that teachers can instruct and focus on one skill that they need practice on. Teachers already have a lot on their plate specially with lesson planning, and preparation for the next day that often times planning for guided reading is set aside. Teachers need to take advantage of this short period of time to focus on specific skills that students need.

What is to be Learned

Participants will learn what a successful guided reading should look like. Participants will learn about reading levels, choosing level appropriate texts, lesson planning and online resources. Participants will also explore different assessments that can be given to students.

Analysis of the Learner and Context

About the Learners This course is intended for Elementary school teachers who implement guided reading in their reading block. It will also benefit teachers of students that are ELL, and with IEP. Although it will mainly focus on lower elementary, teachers in any grade can use the strategies in many ways.

Instructional Context

Instruction will take place completely online. Participants must have access to a computer and internet. Students will be able to complete the course at their own pace. Activities will involve independent reading, self-reflections, lesson plan writing, and selecting the right strategy.

Instructional Problem/Solution Guided reading happens in a short period of time, typically 20 minutes. Because of this, teachers typically do not prioritize this block of time. Teachers must be able to utilize this time to give a focused instruction and address a specific need. This course is an asynchronous class so participants must be able to finish the course in their own time and continually add resources to portfolio for future use.

Generate Goals

Learners will be able to identify a successful guided reading. They must be able to know different strategies, find resources and administer assessments to check student learning. Participants must also be able to create their own guided reading lesson plan and a portfolio of resources.

Performance Objectives

Course-level objectives

· Identify guided reading levels

· Identify the importance of guided reading

· Utilize different resources

· Administer assessments to monitor student progress

· Choose a strategy for effective guided reading

· Create guided reading lesson plans

Task Analysis


MODULE 1: What is Guided Reading?

1.1 Participants will be able to define guided reading and its purpose

1.2 Participants will be able to define and identify guided reading levels

1.3 Participants will be able to identify how each phase in guided reading looks like (before reading, during reading and after reading)

MODULE 2: Guided Reading Strategies

2.1 Participants will identify different guided reading strategies and use which is most efficient based on student's need

a. vocabulary frontloading

b. fluency activities

c. reading steps

d. phonics lesson

MODULE 3: Guided Reading Lesson Plan - How to

3.1 Participants will write their own guided reading lesson plan

Curriculum Map

Curriculum Map.png

References and Resources