Assistive Technologies, Software, and Programs to Improve ELA Instruction


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Looking into the classroom today, it is clear that students require the use of technology to help assist with their learning experiences.The Digital Natives thrive on the use of technology within the classroom and we as teachers must use this to our benefit. Many teachers seek out new and exciting forms of technology to help assist with instruction within the classroom. This course is a great opportunity to seek out those technologies and may provide you with a justification to use them. This course will also provide you with the understanding of what assitive technologies and programs/software that are available within the current market. Throughout the process, you will also reflect on your current practices within your classroom and how you could improve them with the use of technology. AT-Mind-Map-for-Website.jpg


  • Participants must have the capabilities to navigate internet browsers.
  • Participants must have background knowledge of how a blended learning environment can impact learners.
  • Participants should be skilled readers and writers.
  • Participants should have a some understanding of the basic computer skills needed to navigate a wiki-based course.

Course Objectives

The Learners Will:

  • Reflect on the use of technology within their own classroom.
  • Read and summarize articles of the use of Technology within classrooms.
  • Create a lesson using some form of technology to help improve the instruction ELA.

Course Units

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Unit One: Self Reflection and Experiences Using Technology in the Classroom

Lesson One: ELA Assistive Technology Self-Reflection

- Participants will complete a survey stating the digital technologies/programs they use to teach ELA curriculum.

- Participants will reflect on their own experiences when using assistive technology within their classrooms.

Lesson Two: A Brief History of Assistive Technology Programs and the Blended Learning Environments

- Participants will explore the history of Assistive Technology programs.

- Participants will reflect on the impact of these programs within the modern day classroom.

Unit Two: Current ELA Programs, Software and Assistive Technologies

'Lesson One: Explore Current Programs/Software and Assistive Technologies.

- Participants will explore specific technologies and evaluate them based on their characteristics.

'Lesson Two: Create a Lesson Using the Technology.

- Participants will design an academic lesson/learning task that incorporates one form of technology.



Christopher Wickham