Assess with a rubric


Assessing and giving feedback on a Digital Story is a key part of the process, and there are many elements to consider- different elements than a standard ELL speaking or writing assessment. There are many rubrics out there you can use, or you can develop your own based on sound principles.

Task 1: Read this article on Digital Storytelling Assessment and write a response on the Discussion tab on the following:

• The article recommends focusing on three to six traits. What assessment traits are most important to you? Why?

• How would you complete formative assessment for each step of the project in relation to the summative assessment of the final project?

• What do you think about the idea of media grammar? Would you incorporate this into your rubric?

Task 2:

A) Take a look at our Digital Storytelling rubric here: Media: Rubric_Digital_Storytelling.pdf

B) Watch another Digital Story and score it according to the rubric provided. Click here to watch Muneera's Digital Story

C) Submit your score breakdown to

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