Applied Behavior Analysis and Autism


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A child working with his ABA instructor.


A child working with his ABA instructor.

Welcome to Applied Behavior Analysis and Autism!

The following questions will be discussed during this course:

  • What is Applied Behavior Analysis?
  • What are functions of behaviors?
  • What is the importance of reinforcement in ABA?
  • What makes ABA effective for children with Autism?

Performance Objectives

A child working with her ABA instructor.
  • Explore the concept of applied behavior analysis and its uses in and out of the classroom pertaining to individuals on the autism spectrum.
  • Identify specific behaviors pertaining to the four functions of behaviors to assist in bettering an individual with special needs.
  • Analyze the benefits of positive and negative reinforcement and when to use each when working with an individual with special needs.
  • Self-reflect by applying what has been learned about applied behavior analysis to a personal experience working with an individual who has special needs.


Unit one: Applied Behavior Analysis: The Practice

Lesson #1: What is Autism Spectrum Disorder?

Lesson #2: What is Applied Behavior Analysis?

Unit Two: Four Functions Of Behavior

Lesson #1: What are the four functions of behavior?

Lesson #2: How do we assess the function of a behavior? ABC Contingency

Unit Three: Reinforcement

Lesson #1: What are reinforcers?

Lesson #2: What is positive and negative reinforcement?

Unit Four: Autism & Applied Behavior Analysis: Making Connections

Lesson #1:The Success of Applied Behavior Analysis for Individuals with ASD

Lesson #2: Wrap Up