Video and Audio Production for Educators

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Video and Audio Production for Educators


There are many benefits to using video and audio in your teaching, but without a little guidance the process can seem overwhelming. This mini course provides an easy to follow guide to making quality video and audio pieces for the classroom and beyond. We also explore ways to engage your students with production projects, and creative ideas for using video or audio for reflection and assessment.

What resources do I need?

  • The absolute minimum is a smart phone and an imagination. Anything from the most basic recording devices to a professional set-up will work for this mini-course.
  • You will need access to a device to record an audio file and video file, and very basic editing software (standard on most computers).

How difficult is it to make good video or audio?

  • Not too difficult. By following a few basic rules (presented in Units 2-4) you will be able to create a classroom-ready audio or video production.

Why should I use video and audio in my teaching?

  • There are many benefits from increasing engagement to teaching 21st century technology skills. We will explore this topic in depth in unit 5.

Why should I complete this mini-course?

  • You are intimidated by the choices when selecting tools for making video and audio recordings.
  • You have tried to make video or audio recordings for your students but they didn't work out as you hoped they would.
  • You want to learn about using video and audio projects in your curriculum.
  • To develop a critical eye and ear for production.

Who are you?

  • I am an experienced producer of video and DVD content with an interest in promoting the creation and use of high-quality media in education.
  • Please visit my websites for more information: Video4Education, and ABeukema.

Course Objectives:

  • Participants will understand the complexities of producing audio and video files, recognize good production values, and be able to optimize their productions given their available resources.
  • Participants will create a finished audio or video project and develop a lesson plan incorporating production in their curriculum.


  • Basic computer skills including the ability to import files via usb cable or memory card, and create new folders.
  • Ability to use basic recording devices (smart phones, computers, camcorders, microphone, etc).

Getting Started

This course is broken into five units. You can access the units by clicking the links below. The order presented is a logical progression of knowledge and skills. However, I encourage you to move between and within the units at your own pace. Each unit is consistently structured and contains navigation to the next section, as well as a link back to this main page.

Unit 1 - Planning

Unit 2 - Audio

Unit 3 - Video

Unit 4 - Editing

Unit 5 - Incorporating Video and Audio Production in Your Teaching


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