Accessing EngageNY Materials


Brian's Mini-Course

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Unit One: Accessing EngageNY Materials

Target Objective:

  • Learners will see an overview of e-books and learn to acquire the materials for the eBook

Unit Objectives:

  • Understand what an e-book is and how they are beneficial to students
  • See the value in creating and using e-books in their classroom.
  • Locate and identify the resources needed to create e-books.

Getting Started

eBooks are fortunately or unfortunately the future of literacy. One of the big benefits for teachers using eBooks with a projector is that it is like a “big” book. The main benefit for the big/eBook is that all the students would be able to see the images and even the text. The eBook is a great alternative for read-a-louds because of the visibility and the ability to manipulate the book. When I say manipulate I mean that we can highlight, write notes, circle elements in an image etc. The main downfall for using a projector and an eBook is that teachers do not demonstrate proper book handling.

To Do


In the discussion tab please express your feelings about the following:

  • ebooks in the classroom, pros and cons?
  • What excites you about using eBooks?
  • How are you apprehensive about creating/using eBooks?
  • What potential benefits do you see to using eBooks?
  • General feelings about the EngageNY ELA curriculum.

Unit 2 Using Microsoft snipping tool