AIS Mathematics Requirements


AIS Mathematics Requirements (by New York State)


For students in grades three through eight:

  • Student scoring at or below a scale score of 650 (2010-2011) or generally a level two or one on the state math assessment are required to be enrolled in an AIS program at their school.
  • Students scoring above the scale score of 650 (2010-2011) or generally a level two, but below a level three are not required by NYS to be enrolled in an AIS mathematics course, however the school district may deem it necessary or beneficial.

For students in grades nine through twelve:

  • Students scoring at the designated performance level on the state intermediate assessments in mathematics are required to be enrolled in an AIS program. For example, students who do not pass the regents examinations in math required for graduation.
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For all students:

  • Each district is required to provide an AIS program that fits the parameters established by the state, and must publicly post (either online or in writing) to the parents what their program is.
  • Students are enrolled in this course necessarily for the entire school year, and a new needs assessment is completed after the next state assessment.
  • The only way for students to be disenrolled in an AIS program for the following year is by reaching the appropriate achievement level on the current years state assessment.
  • AIS service programs are determined individually by the districts and they can take place during the school day or during an extended school day/ extended school year. The basic requirement is that the course is directed by a "qualified" staff member.
  • It is required that the parents of students be notified if their child is enrolled in an AIS program, and also if their child is to be disenrolled in an AIS program for the upcoming year.

For More Information Visit:

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Self Reflection

1) How are students assigned to AIS Mathematics?

2) What must students do to be disenrolled in AIS Mathematics?

3) What are the possible program options for school districts?

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