Talk:Eleanor Poling: Maximizing Use of the Target Language in Language Classrooms


Hi Eleanor,

What I like:

Course design is purposeful and sequential. Nice, clean layout with good graphics which reinforce the topic. I especially like the bull’s eye target icons. You included several sources of rich media including videos and Prezis. The instructional content is meaningful and contributes to a wider perspective of the issue.

Next time you might consider:

Navigation could have been facilitated by links at the bottom of each page. Each lesson had the stoplight icon prompting the user to go forward without a link. The Assessment sections display an icon but no link or instructions. The Activities sections direct you to read and view the lesson’s instructional content. However, there is no indication of what the actual activity is. This seems like more of an assignment than an activity. Finally, some of the pages look a bit sparse and Lesson 4 has a YouTube video at the very bottom of the page and it appears out of place.