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Comments on Unit One -- Scott 623 21:06, 23 April 2008 (EDT)

Hi Jen

I reviewed your project design and the first unit. You project is coming along very well. The structure of each of the units makes sense to me and appear aligned with the mini-course objectives. I like how you integrated the use of the discussion boards to foster participant interaction.

One general comment for unit one is to strengthen the argument for the use of E-Portfolios in a postsecondary setting. My former supervisor instilled the following question on me: "What's In It For Me?" Basically, the instructional designer must answer this question from the potential audience perspective. Why would the professors taking this mini-course care about E-Portfolios? One option is to address this as part of the discussion board. In a sense, you may bait them into figuring out how the use of e-portfolios will benefit their students.

Some specific items that need to be addressed: - The link to the "Portfolios: A new Wave" article brings the user to the EBSCO page. One option is to upload the pdf version of the article onto WIKI and link to it that way. - After completing the Survey I was directed to an advertisement for SurveyMonkey. I had to use the back button to return to the mini-course. From my perspective a stronger connection between the mini-course and the completion of the survey should be made. I was unclear how my response were going to be used. You may want to use the questions to drive the discussion on the discussion board.

As you proceed with the development of Unit 2, you may wish to encourage your participants to consider the role e-portfolios would play in their current class and how they would want students to use the E-Portfolio.

I hope this helps. Keep up the great work!