Word Guess

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This will be very similar to how we created a Multiple Choice activity!

To Add Word Guess Activity to your Notebook Page:

  • Open the Gallery Tab.
  • Click the Lesson Activity Toolkit 2.0 tab.
  • Click ‘Activities’.

There will be quite a few options for you to implement an activity

  • Click ‘Word Guess’.
  • You will see a blue box, ‘Interactive and Multimedia’, below all the options: Click there!
  • Double click the activity in any color or click, select the box in the top right hand corner and choose ‘Insert’

To Edit the Word Guess Activity:

  • Click ‘Edit’ in the top left hand corner.
  • Add your words in the left column and add the matching clues in the right column.
•You can add multiple words as this is an activity; it could last longer than just one word.
  • Choose which theme you’d like to use: Soccer, Basketball, or Tomato Splat.
  • Once you’re completely done with editing this activity, click ‘Ok’ in the top left hand corner.
  • You can now begin your game! Click the sound button on the bottom left hand corner if you’d like some sound.
•Reset: Restarts the entire activity.
•Buy a Letter: Gives a letter.
•Clue: Gives the clue you had matched with the word.

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