Who are ELLs?

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This unit is designed to explain who English Language Learners are. This includes how they are identified in New York State, how to interpret their language level, and other characteristics of English Language Learners that are important to understand in an educational setting.


Participants will be able to identify what makes ELLs unique and how this plays a role in their education.

Module 1: How are ELLs identified?

Objective: Participants will learn how ELLs are identified in New York State and the state requirements for academic support.

Participants will be able to identify the steps taken in order to identify an English Language Learner in New York State.

Module 2: What does it mean to be an ELL?

Objective: Participants will learn the varying degrees of language proficiency and how these play a role in ELLs' education.

Participants will be able to identify the different levels of English language proficiency and apply this knowledge to student expectations in the classroom.