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Unit 1, Lesson 1


What is Digital Storytelling?

At its core, Digital Storytelling is a multimodal video presentation, incorporating text, image, sound, video and narrative voice. Students write their stories and record their voices telling these stories; they then incorporate multimedia to bring their histories, life experiences, hopes and dreams to life. Digital Storytelling encourages student expression, increases student engagement, and helps students learn about themselves and one another. Digital Stories take on many different forms and no two stories are alike. Before we go further, let's take a look at two examples of a Digital Stories from English Language Learners.

Task 1: Analyze two Digital Stories from English Language Learners

Watch: Steve's Digital Story

Steve is from South Korea. He has made a Digital Story about why he wants to learn English.

Watch: Hazuki's Digital Story

Hazuki, from Japan, tells us what she learned by studying abroad.

Then provide feedback, using the guiding questions on the Discussion tab.

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