What does assessment look like in my classroom?

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Participants will reflect on their understanding of what assessment is and how they assess in their teaching practice.

Accessing prior knowledge

Before we go forward to learn more about "assessing for success", let's take stock of where we are now. As we consider prior knowledge and experiences, reflect on your present classroom practices and beliefs about assessment. Use the following questions as a guideline to help you:

  • What is assessment? What do you feel are the purposes of assessment?
  • What types of assessment do you use in your classroom presently? How do you use these?
  • How do we properly implement assessment in the classroom to get the most helpful information for shaping instruction?

Create a KWL chart: What you know now, what you would like to know, what you have learned.

For your chart, write a short reflection about your experience with and your knowledge about assessment at the present time. (what you know) Then, consider what things you might like to learn about assessment practices. What questions do you have? (what you would like to know)

Now, let's see if we can't fill up the section on "what you have learned"!

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