Utilizing Formative Assessments

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Utilizing Formative Assessments

This course will define formative assessment and discuss the benefit of using a variety of formative assessments to increase student learning. Learners will reflect on current assessment practice and will create an assessment plan that incorporates a variety of formative assessments.

Course Objectives

After completing this course, the learner will

  • Understand formative assessment and the reasons for its use
  • Reflect on current practice in assessment strategy and current research on formative assessment
  • Analyze current assessment choices for existing lesson, unit, or course
  • Design a new assessment plan modeled on formative assessment for an existing lesson or unit

Course Introduction

Welcome to the course Utilizing Formative Assessments. This course will touch on the main points of formative assessment and further reading will be suggested for a more in depth study and are found below under Resources.

In education today the main focus is on summative state and national tests that rank students and schools based on the results. These test results can tell us what a student has memorized but do not clearly show what a student has learned or understood along the way. Teachers also struggle with the strain of preparing students for these summative tests and can feel there is little time to manage additional testing. Despite this initial hesitation, many schools and teachers are implementing formative assessment practices.

Formative assessment is a good way to uncover student misconceptions and provides a way for teachers to discover student learning on a continual basis and involves the student in the learning process. Studies show that formative assessment can improve student achievement and help students become reflective learners more in control of their learning, setting the stage for life long learning that is critical for the 21st Century.

In this course, we will explore summative vs. formative assessment, the benefits of formative assessment, and different ideas to implement formative assessment in your classroom. Learners will also reflect on current assessment strategy and develop formative assessments that can be put into practice immediately in the classroom. Please click on the link below for Unit 1 to get started.

Unit 1

Unit 2

Unit 3


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