Using Real World Data to Teach Statistics and Probability

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Learning how to organize data, perform statistical calculations, and generate graphical representations of data is just the beginning. What is the point of these things if we do not understand the meaning behind them? When we want to make a point using statistics do you know how to do so? When you watch television or read the newspaper and you are bombarded by statistics can you understand what is being said? This is the point of this project. Going beyond just the calculations and exploring what you know, or think you know, about statistics.

We will be gathering Data and generating graphs based on that data. We will also be considering what information can be determined from these graphs.

Throughout the process of this project we will be discussing your thoughts both as a class and in small groups. Use these opportunities to consider your responses to the questions in the project.

Start by following the collect data link below and follow the instructions provided. Upon completion, return here.

Collect Data

Once you have collected your data go on to Unit 1 by clicking the link below

Unit 1: Histograms and Stem and Leaf diagrams

Once you have completed Unit 1 go on to Unit 2 by clicking the link below

Unit 2: Box and Whisker and outliers

Once you have completed Unit 2 go on to Unit 3 by clicking the link below

Unit 3 Scatterplots and Correlation

Go to your final link below upon completion of all of the above

Unit 4: Finish