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* [https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-vxpktfxfQU Watch this video tutorial]
* [https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-vxpktfxfQU Watch this video tutorial]
* View the accompanying [[PowerPoint]]
* View the accompanying [[File:How to create an eBook in PowerPoint pt2.pdf|thumbnail|PowerPoint]]

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Unit Two

Using Microsoft Snipping Tool to acquire images for the eBooks.


Target Objective

  • Use assistive software on the Window’s Operating system to acquire images for the e-book.

Unit Objectives:

  • Locate the snipping tool in the Windows Operating System.
  • Learn to click and drag to select the image.
  • What to do once the image is selected.

eBook Creation: Snipping Tool

Microsoft's snipping tool is a wonderful, yet very unknown tool that is found on any PC with windows vista or later. It is the "replacement" for the print screen button. What this amazing tool does is that it lets you take a picture of the computer screen. This picture can be taken in many ways. First is the whole screen option, second is the window option, third is a free form rectangle (which we use in this course) and lastly the fully free form option. Snipping tool is easy to find once you know to look for it. It's also extremely easy to use and you will find yourself pulling it out again and again. Below are some instructions on how to use this tool to create your eBook.


In the discussion tab please express your ideas about the following:

  • When and how else can you use the snipping tool?
  • Will you use the snipping tool?
  • Please submit a picture you snipped from your screen.
  • Any questions on how to snip?