Using Microsoft PowerPoint 2007 to Engage Your Students

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Captivate your students by using Microsoft PowerPoint to create engaging lessons and games so that learning can be fun again.

Unit I. Creating Multimedia Techniques with Microsoft PowerPoint 2007

Target Objective:

Develop techniques to make use of multimedia features in Microsoft PowerPoint to engage your students.

Unit II. Create lessons that will engage your students using Microsoft PowerPoint 2007.

Target Objectives:

(a) Develop instructional activities that use interactive features and capabilities to engage your students through the use of Microsoft PowerPoint software.

(b) Develop the ability to support your students to learn valuable skills in making effective presentations by creating their own PowerPoint Presentations.

Unit III. Finding effective and engaging lessons across all curriculum on the Internet using Microsoft PowerPoint 2007.

Target Objective:

Develop instructional activities that will fit your curriculum needs and increase students' willingness to engage and persist in instruction by editing lessons already created in Microsoft PowerPoint.