Using Microsoft Movie Maker as an Instructional Tool


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The course is designed to promote the value of using technologies such as Microsoft Movie Maker in the classroom. It is important for us as educators to not only engage our students but to facilitate their learning using 21st century skills and technologies. Programs such as Movie Maker allow students to be creative while being an active participant in his/her learning. Designing technology based lessons such as this allows the students to develop technological skill while learning content matter. It also allows students the opportunity to collaborate, interact with various forms of media, and produce something tangible that can be a source of pride. This course will help educators familiarize themselves with Movie Maker and its classroom application


By the end of the course you will be able to:

  • Create a movie using Mocrisoft Movie Maker software
  • Design a student centered lesson using Microsoft Movie Maker as an instruction tool
  • Develope rubrics that will faciliate student learning and assess student work


Unit 1- Pedagogical Use of Movie Maker

Objectives: Participants will be able to....

  • Explain the benifits of using technologically driven lessons
  • Identify links between instructional design and student engagment
  • Understand how technologies like Movie Maker can be used to drive instruction

Unit 2- Making Movies

Objectives: Participants will be able to....

  • Show proficiency using Movie Make software
  • Create a movie with digital images, music, and subtitles
  • Teach their students Movie Maker basics

Unit 3- Lesson Planning and Assessments

Objectives: Participants will be able to....

  • Create a lesson utilizing Movie Maker technology
  • Develope scaffolding methods for your movie maker lesson
  • Design a rubric to evalute desired learning