Using Current Events to Teach Social Studies

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Course Objective


Educate students about the Vietnam War through a comparison between it and the more recent U.S. conflicts of Afghanistan and Iraq

Unit One: The Basics - Vietnam, Iraq, and Afghanistan

Unit One: The Basics, Vietnam, Afghanistan, and Iraq Wars

Unit Objectives:

Students will be able to:

- 1. Identify essential vocab words and figures in Vietnam, Afghanistan and Iraq

- 2. Explain how the U.S. became involved in Vietnam, Afghanistan, and Iraq

Unit Two: Varying Perspectives of the Wars

Unit Two: The Wars and their Impacts


Unit Objectives:

Students will be able to:

- 1. Evaluate arguments and perspectives about Vietnam, Afghanistan and Iraq.

- 2. Form an opinion about how justified these conflicts were/are, provide support for their argument by citing evidence from course materials

Unit Three: Vietnam, Afghanistan, and Iraq. Repeats or Varying Conflicts?

Unit Three: Vietnam, Iraq, and Afghanistan, Repeats or Varying Conflicts?


Unit Objectives:

Students will be able to:

- 1. Make connections between Vietnam, Afghanistan and Iraq

- 2. Show similarities and differences between these conflicts through source analysis

Summative Assessment

Social Studies Unit Summative Assessment

Students will be able to:

- Create a project of their own design arguing their opinion about how closely the Vietnam, Afghanistan, and Iraq wars are related to one another.


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