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[http://tccl.rit.albany.edu/knilt/index.php/Norana_Cantrell_Portfolio Norana Cantrell's Portfolio] | [http://tccl.rit.albany.edu/knilt/index.php/ETAP_623_Fall_2014_taught_by_Byrne ETAP 623 Fall 2014 Home] | [http://tccl.rit.albany.edu/knilt/index.php/(Non-video)_Games_for_Education (Non-video) Games for Education]
[[Norana_Cantrell_Portfolio|Norana Cantrell's Portfolio]] | [[ETAP_623_Fall_2014_taught_by_Byrne|ETAP 623 Fall 2014 Home]] | [[(Non-video)_Games_for_Education|(Non-video) Games for Education]]

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Norana Cantrell's Portfolio | ETAP 623 Fall 2014 Home | (Non-video) Games for Education

Norana is currently in her last semester as a Masters student at the University of Albany. She currently works as an administrator at a community college in New York City which is where she also lives with her husband, dog, and cat who all get along very well. She firmly believes that if there is a 50 word minimum for this biography, then there should also be a counter so that the users may track how many words they currently have entered.