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    Currently, I work at Tech Valley High School (TVHS) located in Rensselaer, NY, teaching mathematics.  Our school is part of the New Tech Network, which is a network of a many schools across the U.S. implementing all curricula via problem or project based learning.  I have been teaching at TVHS for two years and have taught the following two courses: PhA2T and Sp.Lit.  PhA2T is a physics and algebra course that is integrated for one semester out of the year.  This course is differentiated for students and consists of a Regents level and a non-regents level.  The other course is Sp.Lit, which stands for 'spatial literacy.'This course integrates geometry and literacy (ELA) into one course. My degree is in mathematics from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute and I became certified to teach through Siena College.  Now, I am working towards my masters degree from SUNY Albany.  Apart from working full time and taking classes towards my Master's degree, I enjoy walking my dog, Mr. Cheeks, hiking, watching hockey games, and cooking delicious foods.

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