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My background is in the Hospitality Industry. I have worked in many disciplines within hospitality. I started out as most people do. I began as a bus boy and then moved up to a waiter. I was always a people person so I enjoyed meting and working with new people. Later when I made a decision to further my career in hospitality, I decided to join universities which specialized in hospitality. I received my associate degree from SUNY Delhi and my Bachelor Degree from Florida International University. Upon graduating, I joined one of the largest hotel companies in the world, Marriott International. Marriott was a great and long lasting career path for me. I had the opportunity to work at seven different and unique properties. During my tenure my various job responsibilities included everything from Catering Services, Banquets, Sales, Event Management and Operations. A goal I would like to achieve would be to use my skills and knowledge to create online content that would enhance current training methods used.