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Homework Practices



Purpose: This mini-course will be an opportunity for educators to consider varying theories and research on the issue of homework. Educators will consider the effectiveness of homework in regards to the aspects of amount, type, and frequency. Educators will also construct their own homework policies and procedures. This mini-course will allow educators to explore the effects of homework not only on student achievement, but on other areas of the students' lives.

Learning Outcomes (: -Learners will discriminate between adequate and poor homework practices. (Intellectual Skills/Analyze)

-Learners will prioritize research on student achievement and homework policies. (Intellectual Skills/Evaluate)

-Learners will develop homework policies for courses they teach. (Intellectual Skills/Create)

-Learners will demonstrate a rational attitude by evaluating their use of homework in the courses they currently teach. (Attitude/Apply)

Needs Assessment

Performance Objectives

Task Analysis

Curriculum Map

References and Resources