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[[ETAP 623 Spring 2015 taught by Zhang]] |
[[Jane Wilde Mini-Course | Jane's mini-course]]
[[Heather Leo]]
I will use this page to demonstrate how we will be using our portfolio pages in Etap 623.
You probably think of a portfolio as a demonstration of your work. This portfolio will also be a demonstration of your work, with the focus being on the work you put into developing your mini course. Everything you do related to the instructional design process except the actual content of the course will go here.
Since we are doing a different component each week, it makes sense to put some headings in right away. If you need to add or change headings to suit your needs, you can do so as we go. Feel free to use a similar layout as a fellow student.
== About me ==
A 25 year veteran of teaching, I now focus on teacher training and professional development. I have taught in every grade from kindergarten through high school. Now I teach courses in instructional innovation, technology and pedagogy to graduate education student. My research interests include teacher epistemology and online teaching practice.
I am a geek, a learner, a wife, a mother, a flat water kayaker, a gamer, and a virtual world adventurer (ask me about World of Warcraft and Second Life).
== '''My Topic/Purpose''' ==
== '''Needs Assessment''' ==
== '''Analysis of the Learner and Context'''==
== '''Performance Objectives''' ==
Course-level objectives
== '''Task Analysis''' ==
== '''Curriculum Map''' ==
== '''References and Resources''' ==

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