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S. Brian VanGorder Portfolio page

Brian's Mini-Course


S. Brian VanGorder

I am a kindergarten teacher in a very small rural town. I’m getting my masters in Curriculum Development and Instructional Technology. I love using technology in the classroom, and it really helps me connect with my students. I’m certified in k-12 special education, k-6 regular ed. and 7-12 social studies. I’ve lived around the country for the past decade and a few years ago I decided to move back to Ithaca NY and go to school to be a teacher. I just graduated from SUNY Cortland last year and love being in the classroom.

My wife and I love the outdoors. Every chance we get, we go on a roadtrip in search of adventure. We camp, hike, snowshoe, ski, mountain bike, boulder, rock climb, and we’re looking to start kayaking this spring. We also love to read and spend time with our lovable Golden Beagle (mix of golden retriever/beagle) Atticus.

All images in this Wiki mini-course were taken by me.