Unit Two: Spreadsheets

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Now that you have started to familiarize oyourself with Microsoft Excel 2007 you are going to create a spreadsheet of your own, use formulas to calculate statistical information, and format it to make it look professional. Remember, if at any point you feel like you need help you can always refer to the help tool by either pressing F1 or clicking the blue question mark on the right hand side of the workbook.

To get started you need to open up an Excel workbook.

Lesson 1: Gathering Data

alt text For this lesson you are going to create a spreadsheet for baseball statistics.

  • Please right click and open in new tab MLB.COMand then follow a link to your favorite baseball team's website.
  • Once you are there please click on Stats. You will focus on the Hitting Stats which is the first chart on the page.
  • In your Excel workbook please create a spreadsheet which includes:
    • Players Name's
    • Runs (R)
    • Hits (H)
    • RBIs (RBI)
  • Save the workbook as your Name.
  • Right click on the sheet title and name it with your Team name. Also change the tab color to reflect the color of your baseball team.


Lesson 2: Calculating Measures of Central Tendency

In class we have studied statistics and how to calculate certain measures of central tendency by both hand and with the graphing calculator. We can also do this with Excel. You are now going to calculate the Mean, Median, Mode, Minimum Value, Maximum Value, Lower Quartile, and Upper Quartile for each of the three data sets.

Here are directions to help you out Media:Formulas.pdf (open in new window by right-clicking)
Please remember to SAVE everything when you are done.

Bonus Opportunity

In class we learned how to create box-and-whisker graphs. Now that you have the min value, max value, median, and both the lower and upper quartile calculated, you should be able to create a box-and-whisker graph.

For bonus points CREATE a box-and-whisker graph on your spreadsheet!

Lesson 3: Formatting

One nice thing about Excel is that there are LOTS of ways to make your spreadsheets look awesome!! The best way to format is to just try things out. The formatting is very similar to all of the other Microsoft Products.

Here are some helpful tips Media:Formatting.pdf (open in new window by right-clicking)

Once you are done SAVE everything


Please go to the Spreadsheet Discussion page to ask any questions, or give any tips to your classmates.

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