Unit Two: Netiquette and Safety

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Unit Objectives

1. Participants will research their own school policies on the use of social media for educational purposes, highlighting any issues that may hinder them

2. Participants will read the policies of each prominent social media site

3. Participants will create their own personal "netiquette" regulations for the use of social media for educational purposes in their classroom

Why is "Netiquette and Online Safety Important?

Please begin this unit by watching this [news broadcast] discussing why it is so important for teachers to use technology and social media appropriately and correctly in their classrooms.


1. After watching please research 3 popular social media sites privacy policies; being sure to make note any aspect that may make you feel uncomfortable using that site in your classroom.

[Facebook] [Twitter] [Instagram] [Snapchat] [Google] [YouTube] [Pinterest]

2. Then please research your own schools technology usage and social media policies for both you as the teacher and your students use.

3. After research both the social media sites and your schools policies please write a discussion post (300 - 600 words) describing your schools policy and any information you found from the social media sites policies that may hinder or even help you in your own classroom. Please post discussions in _______.

4. Please comment or respond to at least one other participants posting.

Moving On

You may move on to Unit Three after you have:

  • added your discussion post about your schools social media technology policy
  • responded or commented on another participants' school policy
  • received a comment from either myself or another participant
  • created and submitted your own "Social Media" rules for your own classroom


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