Unit Three: Strategies for Working with Students with Autism

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Strategies for Working With Students with Autism

In this unit, you will learn a variety of strategies to use when working with students with autism.

Unit Learning Objectives

After this unit, you will be able to:

  • List at least 10 strategies you can use when working with students with autism
  • Provide examples on how these strategies could be implemented in your classroom
  • Decide which strategies would be the most beneficial
  • Decide which strategies would be the hardest to implement

Unit Activities

1. Click on each link below to view tips and strategies for working with students with autism:

2. Create a poster that highlights atleast ten (10) strategies that could be used when working with students with autism.

  • On your poster, you must provide an example next to the strategy on how you would use this in your classroom. For example, if you chose "Maintain consistency" as a strategy, an example could be that you would provide each student with a daily schedule so they are aware of what their day entails
  • Feel free to use graphics and colors to make your poster visually stimulating!
  • You can use Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, Paint, or any other software to create your poster. You could even create your poster on actual poster board and take an image of it.

When you are finished, please go to Unit Four: Creating a Lesson Plan

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