Unit Three: Social Media in other Classrooms

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Unit Objectives

1. Participants will be shown various real examples of social media use in a classroom

  • Actual social media accounts
  • "Fake" social media template websites
  • "Fake" social media paper templates

2. Participants will view rubrics that accompanied the social media site projects to see examples of student understanding and comprehension of material

3. Participants will being to think about how they will use social media

Examine Social Media Classroom Examples

Using real student social media accounts

Twitter Discussions

Enhancing Participation

Starting Slow

"Fake" Social Media Website Templates

File:Fake Book Template.pdf


Twitter Message Generator

Fake Snapchat

File:Instagram template.pdf

More Social Media Template Examples

"Fake" Social Media Paper Templates



Real Student Work Examples

Please review these real student work examples. Students were asked to create a "fake" social media site for a person living during colonial times. Here are several examples of student social media site creations.

Colonial Tanner Text Message


A sample Twitter Post


These are just a few examples. The students were graded using the following rubric:



After viewing all these examples begin to brainstorm on how you could use social media in you own classroom.

Please write a brief discussion post (200 words) on how you could use any of these examples in your own classroom. Also discuss which ones would be the easiest to use and the most difficult to use and why.

Please submit your post in the Unit 3 forum on Google Groups

Please comment on at least one other participants discussion post.

Moving On

You may move on to Unit 4 after you have:

  • added your discussion post about how you could use social media in your own classroom
  • responded or commented on another participants' discussion post
  • received a comment from either myself or another participant


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